Bladder Leaking

Just because leaking is common doesn’t mean it’s “normal”

It is not normal to have bladder or bowel leaking at any point of your life.

It is common to have bladder leaking or incontinence after pregnancy and with aging but it is not normal. Leaking can be prevented and improved with different exercises and techniques that a pelvic floor physical therapist can help you with.

bladder leaking

A lot of people will say that they have tried kegels in the past and it hasn’t helped. But more than 40% of people are not able to perform kegels properly with verbal instruction alone. Pelvic floor PT’s can help ensure you are doing them correct. Kegels are not the only exercises to help improve your pelvic floor function! It is important to look at your whole body including core, hips, and breathing.

It is also possible that kegels should not be done if you have tightness in the pelvic floor muscles. Tightness could cause you not to be able to strengthen your muscles properly or potentially cause pain and more dysfunction.

Having bladder or bowel leaking? Contact us so that we can get you back to normal without leaking.