April is C-section Awareness Month

C-sections are completed for a number of reason to ensure a safe delivery of a baby/babies.

C-sections are abdominal surgery that lead to surgically cutting through 7 layers of tissue that includes skin, fat, fascia, abdominal muscles, peritoneum, uterus, and then amniotic sac to get to the baby. All of these layers of tissue need to be carefully stitched back together and lead to forming a scar.

Scar formation is a natural healing process that the body does. The body lays down tougher, fibrous tissue in an irregular pattern to help your body heal quickly. Scars can extend deeper than what you see at the surface and can extend through all the layers of tissue that where cut.

Sometimes the tissue around the scar can feel tight, have decreased or changed sensation, and can be painful.

A pelvic floor therapist can help you with some of these symptoms by improving tissue mobility and reduce pain through various techniques including scar massage, dry needling, cupping. Scar massage can be completed by yourself once you are taught the proper technique after the incision has healed.

Please reach out if you have any questions on how we can help you.

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